About Handee

The Handee Cheese Cutter was first manufactured by Digby & Nelson Ltd. In 1947 in Greenford, Middlesex. The company quickly flourished and sales grew throughout the UK, as well as internationally. Handee Cheese Cutters, cheese slicers and cheese wire are now stocked by most UK supermarkets as well as being available throughout the United States, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong.


First, place the cheese cutter on a flat surface with the front overlapping the edge of the surface. Make sure it is firm and steady.

Place the cheese on the platform, with the rind resting against the raised portion of the machine, so that the wire cuts through the cheese before the rind (this avoids grains from the rind being dragged through the cheese). Pull the handle steadily and gently towards you whilst holding the machine steady with your other hand. Let the slicing action of the wire do the cutting. One complete slicing motion will ensure a beautifully smooth cut.


The machine should be cleaned regularly with a damp cloth both on the cutting surface and underneath. The use of very hot water should be avoided. After cutting a soft, herb flavoured or blue cheese, it may be necessary to wipe the cheese wire clean.


A whole cheese should be cut into halves or quarters first. For this purpose, we sell a set of Handee Handles & Wires, similar to the handle fitted with the machine, but with 90cm wires.

An incision with a knife should be made first on the outer edge of the cheese, then the wire should be drawn into the centre and out again at an angle to cut a quarter or a wedge.


Extra care should be taken when cutting through a very hard cheese, such as Parmesan, Mimolotte, Pecorino or Gruyere, to avoid the wire breaking.

Please contact our office should you require any further assistance.

For bulk orders (orders of over 10 cheese cutters) please contact;

Emre Baymar


Jayne Scurr